Organic Traffic Grew 308% After Partnering With Arken

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Brick Anew is an American retailer specialising in everything to do with fireplace renovation. Stocking industry-leading custom doors, and specialist brick paint.


Cannobilisation with key pages, and fierce competition

When we first started working with Brick Anew there was a significant issue when it came to cannibalisation. The content on the website was a mess and it needed to be tidied up.


Technical Audit, Content Optimisation &Link Building

Our first task was tidying up all the content BA has built up over the years, a lot of it needed to be culled. It added no value and was just increasing the bloat of the website for no reason. 

We then had to ensure proper on-page SEO was implemented across all key pages, these were mostly category and product pages.

Whilst this was going on we launched a link building campaign to make sure we were bringing in strong external signals.

Organic search traffic soared

Reached position 2 for the seed term “fireplace doors” and have continued to grow every category on the website.

Traffic is still moving in the right direction, and we’re sure 2024 holds more key wins for BrickAnew.