At Arken Digital,
we believe being seen is being heard.

Arken Digital (originally Arken Marketing) uses sustainable SEO to help ambitious SMEs and eCom stores grow.

We can help you sell more products online, promote your service and compete with market leaders. We use the latest tools, techniques and technologies to help you increase visibility and traffic. We focus on sustainable, long-term success not using short-term tactics that can damage your reputation or ranking.  

We become an integral part of your team, providing in-house support that you can rely on.

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“Here at Arken we are constantly trying to improve, that goes for our clients, ourselves and everything we do.”

Richard Kennedy

Founder & CEO

Our ethos


No, we aren’t dating, but we are committed to providing the best possible service. We do this with constant training and we are committed to improving our services to better help our clients. Although we are a specialist SEO agency, we are committed to constantly improving our service.


We aren’t going to just tell you what you want to hear, we are going to tell you the truth. We are honest with all of our clients, and we don’t hide in technical jargon. With us you are going to know exactly what we’re doing for your business, and how it will help you.

We care

We care about your results. We are only going to work with you, if we feel we’re a good match. We don’t work with everybody, we only take on clients we believe we can get the results you’re looking for.