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    Generate more leads, sell more products with SEO.

    Getting your business to the top of Google can be massive for any business. When compared with other digital marketing strategies SEO has a massive advantage. With SEO, people are already looking for your product or service. If you’re unsure whether SEO can benefit you or your business, get in touch and we can have a look at the potential of your business.

    Our Manifesto

    The beauty with SEO is you’re getting your business in front of people who are already looking for you.

    Our focus is to make your business more deserving of ranking, so not only are we going to focus on getting your rankings (obviously!), but we aim to maximise your ROI when working with us.

    This means we go above and beyond simply hitting SEO metrics and look to have a real positive impact on the business as a whole. 

    We have a proven track record of helping our clients in a range of different sectors to grow their businesses through organic traffic.

    SEO is an industry that is always evolving and yet the goal is always the same. It is the job of Google and other search engines to provide the best result possible to the user.

    Algorithms change how we showcase this, but the end goal has always been the same. To be the best result for a search term.

    We help you do this, we aren’t trying to trick Google or any other search engine. If you want to take shortcuts to the end, we are not the agency for you.

    But if you want to make progress in your business, and genuinely be the best, please get in touch.

    How We Work


    Every SEO campaign starts with an audit, that way we in agreement with you, we can best plot our course to get you where you want to be.


    Not something we shy away from here, we are ambitious but realistic. So from the outset, we look at what would make this a success for your business.

    Do The Work

    This is where we spend most of our time, obviously. We can’t get you results without actually doing the work!

    Results & Improve

    We are always tracking what works and what doesn’t, this way we are constantly improving your campaigns.

    It worked for this client

    Before Arken

    This client was having a lot of success with social and paid advertising, but organic was slow going.

    After Arken

    Since working with us, they have increased organic traffic over 150%, and sales through organic have skyrocketed!

    Over doubled in sales, during a pandemic…

    and these too

    Our Proven Approach To Doing SEO For Your Business

    Strategy & Research

    This is where we will work together to build a roadmap for your business. When we figure out where you want to go as a business, we can then build a plan on how to get there. 

    We will also be going through our keyword research to make sure we’re targeting the right terms for your business that will be profitable. Every SEO campaign should start with the keywords, from there we can build a plan on how to make sure you show up.

    Technical SEO

    At this point we need to make sure that your website is technically sound, without doing these checks beforehand we could be wasting our time and effort. Not all problems are created equal, but without checking we could be putting fuel in your car that doesn’t have any wheels.

    We perform a full audit for every client we work with, this is to make sure that the rest of the work we are going to do has the best opportunity to help your business.

    Content Creation

    Now that we know where you want to go, we need to create content that is going to get us there. We need to make sure that our content matches the intent of the searcher for the keywords we want to target.

    Simply creating good content isn’t enough, at every step we are looking to create the best resource out there. Whilst this isn’t always possible, this is what we strive for.

    Link Building

    Links, you can’t do any research on SEO agencies or services without being told links are the be all and end all of SEO. 

    Backlinks don’t turn a bad website good, but they are vital to rank in competitive markets, every study on links and referring domains confirms this. 

    We use a lot of methods to build links for our clients, including but not limited to digital pr, content marketing, assets, and images.


    We are constantly reviewing our work, at every stage. But it’s important to point out why we do this, we do it to better our service and serve you better. Not every campaign works in every industry and some work better than others.

    We as a team are always looking for improvement, and without review, this doesn’t happen.

    Interested? Book a call now to get started.

    Got any questions?

    If you don’t know what SEO is, you’re probably in the wrong place. But for those of you who do not know that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is. SEO is optimising things (not always sites) for search engines, the biggest are Google, Youtube & Bing. But any search engine can be optimised, eBay & Amazon are other examples.

    This isn’t something that we can simply answer, most of our clients will see progress within the first 3 months of working with us. How much depends on a lot of factors, such as the market you’re in, your starting point, and the age of your website. 


    However the more competitive markets can take from 4-16 months to see huge results.

    It depends. Typically we don’t take on clients with a lower budget than £1000/month, however this does change depending on your market. For example a local business might cost less. The best thing is to get in touch and we can give you a better idea of the cost.

    After you get in touch (unless you’ve booked a meeting directly), we go ahead and do some initial research on your business to see where you are currently. Then we’ll get together to have a quick chat about your business and the goals you hope to achieve. From then we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

    We have a lot of methods, as any company should. These include:

    • Linkable Assets - Our personal favourite
    • Images
    • Digital PR
    • Guest Content
    • Skyscraper

    We tailor our approach depending on the market.

    No. The reason we don’t offer ‘packages’ is more often than not people will misbuy a package thinking that they need X to rank their site. When in actual fact they need X + Y or they overbuy and spend too much money. 


    We do have set fees for certain tasks, such as an audit (size dependant), but we stay away from packaging a monthly service because we tailor it to what your business needs.

    Absolutely, book a call and we can go through the steps needed to sort it.

    Monthly reporting with all the KPI’s, such as rankings, traffic, local visibility (for local campaigns) and revenue.

    Most businesses can benefit from SEO, eCommerce and local are perfect for SEO.

    A linkable asset is something that will be of use to other websites, think along the lines of calculators or just a general information piece. 


    For example, here is a great piece on Ahrefs that explains the process in more detail