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We work with SMEs, local businesses & eCommerce businesses to grow their online presence, and sell more through search engine optimisation.

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    Every Bristol SEO services campaign starts with an audit, that way we are in agreement with you, we can best plot our course to get you where you want to be.



    Not something we shy away from here, we are ambitious but realistic. So from the outset, we look at what would make this a success for your business.


    Do The Work

    This is where we spend most of our time, obviously. We can’t get you results without actually doing the work!


    Results & Improve

    We are always tracking what works and what doesn’t, this way we are constantly improving your campaigns.

    When it all comes together.

    Whilst working with Brick-Anew, we boosted traffic by 308%, conversion rate by 25%, built over 200 referring domains and achieved 700+ first page rankings.

    > 0 %

    in additional organic traffic since working with Arken Digital Bristol SEO Agency.

    After instructing Arken Digital to work on Reed Accountant’s SEO, they saw a 350% increase in leads generated through their website. 

    Driving over £2500+ in monthly traffic value Reed has grown their business significantly.

    £ 0 +

    in additional monthly traffic value (what they’d have to spend on advertising) since partnering with Arken Digital.

    Want to see a full breakdown of how we get great results for our clients?

    Take a peak behind the curtain with a full breakdown of how we get great results for our clients.

      What our clients say

      What to expect when working with us

      Project start

      At the start of every Bristol SEO company project we begin with the on-boarding process. Which involves making sure we have a clear plan of action how we’ll be working together. And ensure we have access to everything we need to, make the project a success.



      SEO strategy & research

      This is where we will work together to build a roadmap for your business of maximum visibility on search engines. When we figure out where you want to go as a business, we can then build a plan on how to get there.

      We will also be going through our keyword research to make sure we’re targeting the right terms for your business that will be profitable. Every SEO Bristol campaign should start with the keywords, from there we can build a plan on how to make sure you show up.

      We need to make sure we’re using the correct strategies depending on your goals, a local SEO campaign will have a vastly different strategy than eCommerce for example.


      Technical SEO Bristol

      At this point we need to make sure that your websites technical SEO is sound, without doing these checks beforehand we could be wasting our time and effort. Not all problems are created equal, but without checking we could be putting fuel in your car that doesn’t have any wheels.

      We perform a full audit for every client we work with, this is to make sure that the rest of the work we are going to do has the best opportunity to help your business.


      Content creation

      Now that we know where you want to go, we need to create content that is going to get us there. We need to make sure that our content matches the intent of the searcher for the keywords we want to target.

      Simply creating good content isn’t enough, at every step we are looking to create the best resource out there. Whilst this isn’t always possible, this is what we strive for. To win on search engines, you need to strive to be the best result for the query, this is what we help you become.

      A large part of our SEO services offering is making sure we have the content dialed in to rank on the biggest search engines.

      Link building

      Links, you can’t do any research on SEO agencies or services without being told links are the be all and end all of SEO services.

      Backlinks don’t turn a bad website good, but they are vital to rank in competitive markets, every study on links and referring domains confirms this. You cannot brute force a website to rank on the organic search results just through link building, but when done the correct way, will help us climb the rankings. It’s all about implementing the correct SEO strategy, this includes backlinks.

      We use a lot of methods to build links for our clients, including but not limited to digital pr, content marketing, assets, and images.



      We are constantly reviewing our search engine optimisation, at every stage. But it’s important to point out why we do this, we do it to better our service and serve you better. Not every campaign works in every industry and some work better than others.

      We as a team are always looking for improvement, and without review, this doesn’t happen. This is where we’ll assess the wins in terms of end results (leads & sales) and using tools like Google Analytics 4 (GA4).


      Project end & reflection

      We are constantly reviewing our work, at every stage. But it’s important to point out why we do this, we do it to better our service and serve you better. Not every campaign works in every industry and some work better than others.

      This is why our SEO team is always getting better, we learn from every campaign. We as a team are always looking for improvement, and without review, this doesn’t happen.

      Each campaign helps us refine our SEO strategy.


      If you don’t know what SEO is, you’re probably in the wrong place. But for those of you who do not know that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is. SEO is optimising things (not always sites) for search engines, the biggest are Google, Youtube & Bing. But any search engine can be optimised, eBay & Amazon are other examples.

      Put simply, SEO is about driving search engine visibility through making changes on and off your website.

      This isn’t something that we can simply answer, most of our clients will see progress within the first 3 months of working with us. How much depends on a lot of factors, such as the market you’re in, your starting point, and the age of your website. 

      However the more competitive markets can take from 4-16 months to see huge results.

      Unlike other forms of internet marketing SEO can take a bit of time to show substantial results, but unlike other forms, SEO traffic converts much higher, and in the long run is often much cheaper.

      It depends. Typically we don’t work with clients with a lower budget than £750/month (+vat), however this does change depending on your market. For example a local business might cost less. The best thing is to get in touch and we can give you a better idea of the cost.

      We aren’t the cheapest SEO agency Bristol, but SEO isn’t something you should hire on cost alone. If you’re looking for the cheapest SEO agency then we probably aren’t a good fit. We’re looking for ambitious companies that want to grow.

      We have a lot of methods, as any company should. These include:

      • Linkable Assets – Our personal favourite
      • Images
      • Digital PR
      • Guest Content
      • Skyscraper

      We tailor our approach depending on the market.

      No. The reason we don’t offer ‘packages’ is more often than not people will misbuy a package thinking that they need X to rank their site. When in actual fact they need X + Y or they overbuy and spend too much money. 

      We do have set fees for certain tasks, such as an audit (size dependant), but we stay away from packaging a monthly service because we tailor it to what your business needs.

      As a SEO agency in Bristol we are about our name, and that means not offering products that aren’t fit for purpose. Which in most cases means pre-packaged SEO services.

      For example, local SEO will require a totally different approach to eCom.

      Absolutely, book a call and we can go through the steps needed to sort it.

      After you get in touch (unless you’ve booked a meeting directly), we go ahead and do some initial research on your business to see where you are currently. Then we’ll get together to have a quick chat about your business and the goals you hope to achieve. From then we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

      Monthly reporting with all the KPI’s, such as rankings, traffic, local visibility (for local campaigns) and revenue.

      You’ll also be able to see the results in Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

      A linkable asset is something that will be of use to other websites, think along the lines of calculators or just a general information piece. 

      For example, here is a great piece on Ahrefs that explains the process in more detail

      We do. We ask for all our new customers to commit to at least 6 months for SEO services. This gives us enough time to get results for your business, even in the more competitive markets.

      It means that we’re using tactics that aren’t going to hard to long term viability of your business, our aim is steady growth that can continue growing for years to come. We put the building blocks in place to help your business thrive for a long time, not just a 6 month stint.

      It is the type of SEO where you don’t get nervous about checking your Google Analytics account. We don’t play with your search rankings.

      There is a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right Bristol SEO agency for you. It makes sense that you’d speak to them, but we believe our case studies, affordability and ability to drive a positive ROI for our clients sets us apart.