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We provide local businesses with cost-effective local SEO services that get results.

Working with an experienced local SEO provider is the only way to transform your local presence and deliver long-term results through sustainable SEO.

How our local SEO services work



Every local SEO services campaign starts with an audit, that way we in agreement with you, we can best plot our course to get you where you want to be.



Not something we shy away from here, we are ambitious but realistic. So from the outset, we look at what would make this a success for your business.


Do The Work

This is where we spend most of our time, obviously. We can’t get you results without actually doing the work!


Results & Improve

We are always tracking what works and what doesn’t, this way we are constantly improving our local SEO strategy.

When a local campaign comes together.

Reed Accountants
Reed Accountants

Reed Accountants were able to achieve top 3 rankings for all their local search terms through our SEO.

> £ 0 +

in additional monthly traffic value driven to Reed Accountants.

Want to see a full breakdown of how we get great results for our local clients?

Take a peak behind the curtain with a full breakdown of how we get great results for our clients.

    What our clients say

    What to expect from our local SEO services

    Project Start

    At the start of every local SEO project we begin with the on-boarding process. Which involves making sure we have a clear plan of action how we’ll be working together. And ensure we have access to everything we need to, make the project a success.


    Local Keyword Research

    Before we start any local SEO services campaign, we need to make sure we’re targeting the best possible keywords for your local business, targeting local customers. So we undertake a full keyword research audit to make sure not only are we targeting all the keywords that are relevant to you. 

    But also during this phase, we will uncover some hidden gems for your business.


    Organic Listing Optimisation

    Not only do we want you to appear in the “map pack” (the map listings at the top of a local search), but we also want to get you listed in the organic listings for the local search terms. 

    This starts with getting your website properly optimised. We go above and beyond other local SEO agencies, because we not only want you to get as much traffic as possible, we want you to convert as many of those visitors as possible into paying customers.


    Google Business Profile Optimisation

    This is how we get you on the map. We need to go in here to fully optimise your listing to show up as high as possible. Not only will we be optimising what’s already there, but with you, we will be creating a content plan that we will implement within your local Google Business Profile listing.

    If you aren’t making the most out of your local listing you’re missing out on a lot of potential new business.


    Local Link Building

    Link building is a crucial part of any SEO campaign and Local is absolutely no different. We focus on getting your business listing and linked from the most relevant sites to your business. 

    Just like word of mouth, we want people talking about your business, but in this case, online. Links are similar to votes, and we want links from reputable sources, ideally with a local connection to your area. This includes local citations.



    We are constantly reviewing our work, at every stage. But it’s important to point out why we do this, we do it to better our service and serve you better. Not every campaign works in every industry and some work better than others.

    We as a team are always looking for improvement, and without reviewing this doesn’t happen.


    Results & Review

    SEO is an ongoing process, and isn’t an overnight success. But once we’ve gone through all of this we can then start delivering results for your business.

    We are constantly reviewing our work, at every stage. But it’s important to point out why we do this, we do it to better our service and serve you better. Not every campaign works in every industry and some work better than others.


    Local SEO is different because the focus isn’t to grow your search visibility on a national level. Our focus is on specific areas, this doesn’t always just mean trade, or shops. Quite often people like the comfort of B2B services that are local, accountants for example.

    Are the methods we use different too? Yes, the fundamentals from traditional SEO do carry over, for example we still want to match invent, and have great links. But with local SEO we’re also going to be optimising for maps, by ensuring our GBP listing is optimised.

    Yes, we still want to rank in the organic listings so traditional SEO still applies.

    Yes, this is always included in all of our local packages.

    Any business where you want to target people within a specific area. If your clients are searching for you, and you want to target a certain area local SEO can work for you.

    This depends on the area you want to target, where you stand currently in it, and where you want to go. We understand that for a business researching local SEO this isn’t helpful. We’re happy to take a look at your business and give you a more detailed idea of costings. 

    But, to try and be helpful, our minimum agreement for local SEO is £750 a month +vat. As with anything local SEO pricing is hard to create a package that is one size fits all, but get in touch to have an informal chat. We aren’t sales people, we’re SEO’s and are happy to help.

    1. Location
    2. GBP optimisation
    3. Website Optimisation
    4. Reviews
    5. Citations
    6. Local Links

    There’s a lot that goes into local SEO, everything you’d expect and more. We want a site that matches search intent (ie what they’re looking for!), technically sound (so Google and other search engines can crawl it) and it has local relevant links. Beyond that we need to make sure our GBP (Google Business Profile) is optimised, we’re getting great reviews, have local citations. 

    Local searches often tend to be dominated by directories too, so we go beyond Google, more below.

    It’s no secret that local search results tend to be dominated by local directories, and our goal is always to bring in as many potential customers as possible. So we make an active effort to get you ranked not only on the search results, but also at the top of each directory. Giving you the best chance to be the company the people are calling.

    Essentially our goal is to have multiple listings on the first page for your business.

    This isn’t something we can easily give an answer that is applicable to every business, the reality is that it depends on where you are currently, where you want to go, and the competitiveness of your area.

    For example London tends to be more competitive than somewhere like Plymouth. 

    No we don’t, and you shouldn’t go with a company that does guarantee results. However, we have a proven track record of getting our clients great results.

    Site note: Anybody or any agency that is guaranteeing results are likely using shady tactics to get your website there. Which will only last a short period of time, and then eventually your site will get a penalty and it will be much harder to get where you want to be.

    Yes! If you’re a national business with a local focus, or a franchise, get in touch to see how we can help you.

    We do this with extensive research, we will be targeting terms that are from your ideal customers. We have a lot of experience in this, so rest assured we only take on projects where we know we can provide a great ROI for you and your business.

    We ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months when starting any new SEO project. This is to protect both Arken and yourselves. SEO isn’t something that can be turned on and off, and 6 months gives us enough time to get some results even in the more competitive markets.

    This depends on your company, your product and your sales process. We however never take on business where we do not believe we will provide a positive ROI.

    We want to grow your business with local customers for you.

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