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We’re been building beautiful, functional and affordable websites for over a decade. Check out our process and some finished sites below.

How we work



At this stage we need to find out what you like, what works in your industry and get a feel for what you want.


Initial Designs

After our design consultation we can go away and mock up some initial designs.



After picking a style, we go ahead and build it. This is where we build all the functionality behind your new site.


Go Live!

At this point we’re ready to go live and share your new website with your audience. We also make sure everything is in place so you don’t lose any traffic in the migration.

Check out some of our recent sites.

Reed Accountants
Reed Accountants

Since signing off Reed Accountants new website they have seen a massive increase in leads and business generated through their site.

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more leads generated through the website.

“I'm really happy with the job Arken did on my new site, I noticed an almost immediate increase in leads.”

Paul Reed

Reed & Co Accountants

“We worked closely with Arken in rebuilding our website and have been very happy with the results.”

Henry Scott – Pehrsson Scott

Pehrsson Scott
Pehrsson Scott

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What to expect when working with us

Project Start


Discovery call

At this point we will have done our initial research and it’s time to have a chat with what direction you’d like to go in. Expect to see some examples of the direction we are planning to go in, and this is where we can best see if we’re on the same page.

This is where we can better understand your project, the direction you want to go, and get a good idea of the goals of your site. Once we have all of that information we can go ahead and start mocking up our designs.


Initial mockups

Here’s where it starts to get a little more exciting, this is where we present you our initial designs before we actually go ahead and start building your site. You will have a range to choose from based off our initial conversations.


Development & testing

This happens after we’ve agreed on a direction from our initial designs, where we actually go ahead and build your new website. This is typically the longest part of a new website, actually building it, who would have thought?

Once we’ve built out the site we need to test it, so we send it out to testers to get feedback and also check for any bugs that we come across. 

After this, we then get the final sign off from you.



The most exciting part, now we’re ready to launch your new site. At this point, we will be giving you and your team training on how to use the site so you can update it in the future. We are happy to do this for you, but we don’t want you to feel trapped with us forever having to update your site.

We also have a 60 bug fix, so any bugs or changes you want to make within 60 days of launching your site we fix with absolutely no cost.


Project End & reflection

We are constantly reviewing our work, at every stage. But it’s important to point out why we do this, we do it to better our service and serve you better. Not every campaign works in every industry and some work better than others.

We as a team are always looking for improvement, and without review, this doesn’t happen.


It depends on the site, smaller sites tend to be cheaper than larger sites. Get in touch and we can give you a rough estimate pretty quickly, but all sites are different so it’s difficult to give a one size fits all price.

Assuming it isn’t a large site, usually the whole process takes between 2-4 weeks from our initial conversations to a finished product.

We are SEO specialists! So the on-page will all be sorted out of the box, however for ongoing plans you should look at our dedicated SEO services pages, for local and eCommerce.

It depends whether you want us to host your site for you, if you do our hosting & maintenance packages start from £15.00 a month.

We build most of our sites on WordPress, however if you’re looking for an eCommerce site we do use Shopify.

Yes we can get in touch to see how we can help.

100%, we only build fully responsive websites. Over 68% of all web traffic was from a mobile device last year, with this number only going up it’s vital to build sites that work on all devices.

Typically we take 30% upfront, and then 30% once the first draft is done and the remaining when the site is live. However, we can be flexible.

Absolutely, so included in every website is the training needed to get you or your team up to speed on how to edit the site down the road. Failing that, you can just get us to do it.

If you’re serious about growing your business, then yes you absolutely need a website. The last couple of years has shown us more than ever that digital is the way forward, so if you don’t have a website yet, don’t leave it too late.

If you already have a website, do you need a new website? There are websites and then there are high performing websites that are an asset to your business. Which do you want?

Yes we can sort the content for your new website for you. Get in touch to find out how we can do that for you.