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We help businesses sell more products by driving organic traffic through sustainable eCommerce SEO services.

We get results, without risking your business with shady tactics.

How our eCommerce SEO Services work:



Every eCommerce SEO campaign starts with an audit, that way we in agreement with you, we can best plot our course to get you where you want to be.



Not something we shy away from here, we are ambitious but realistic. So from the outset, we look at what would make this a success for your business.


Do The Work

This is where we spend most of our time, obviously. We can’t get you results without actually doing the work!


Results & Improve

We are always tracking what works and what doesn’t, this way we are constantly improving your campaigns.

When it all comes together.

Whilst working with Brick-Anew, we boosted traffic by 308%, conversion rate by 25%, built over 200 referring domains and achieved 700+ first page rankings.

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in additional organic traffic since working with Arken Digital Bristol SEO Agency.

Want to see a full breakdown of how we get great results for our eCommerce clients?

Take a peak behind the curtain with a full breakdown of how we get great results for our clients.

    What our clients say

    What to expect when working with us

    Project Start

    At the start of every eCommerce SEO project we begin with the on-boarding process. Which involves making sure we have a clear plan of action how we’ll be working together. And ensure we have access to everything we need to, make the project a success.

    eCommerce SEO Strategy & Research

    Every campaign regardless whether it is in eCommerce SEO or not, should begin with keyword research. Without knowing where you want to go, how can you plan how to get there?

    Keyword research from eCommerce SEO is a little bit different, predominantly we are going to want to be ranking our product and category pages. But we are also going to focus on creating content further up the buying funnel. 

    For example, a mattress company might create content around getting a good night sleep. Not only will this add relevant traffic, creating guides like this will help us a lot when it comes to link building further down the line.

    Technical SEO for eCommerce

    eCommerce websites will have a lot of product pages, and we need to make sure that they’re crawlable, indexable and aren’t being canonicalised as these are all common issues when it comes to doing SEO on eCommerce websites.

    We carry out a full audit on every eCommerce website we work on, but these are the areas of focus when it comes to eCom. Having a technically sound website is going to help the rest of our work be that much more effective.

    Content Creation & Optimisation

    Unless you’re creating a website from scratch (then we aren’t the right fit anyway!) you’ll have a lot of the product & category content already written. At this point, we will be going through and improving and optimising your product & category pages.

    We will then begin work on creating any additional content that we found that was needed from our keyword research.


    Asset Creation

    We mentioned earlier that eCommerce sites tend to struggle when it comes to backlinks, this is because they tend not to have much link worthy content. At this stage we want to create assets that will make our outreach easier by actually being link-worthy.

    We will be creating content that is not only useful and relevant to your market, but where possible it will have its own search demand. The reason we create useful content that has a search demand is that it will pay dividends (in form of backlinks!) for as long as it’s relevant and up to date.



    Unfortunately the adage “build it and they will come” doesn’t really work when it comes to sustainable eCommerce SEO growth. We need to build it, and then tell people who can share it with an audience about it. 

    Our outreach won’t embarrass you, you don’t have to worry about us with your brand. We care about your brand and appearance and do creative outreach campaigns that are GDPR compliant.

    Project End & Reflection

    We are constantly reviewing our work, we’ve worked on countless eCommerce sites, but we always aim to be better.


    We work with all the biggest eCommerce platforms, such as; Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento & Woocommerce.

    Our eCommerce SEO services work with all the top eCom platforms, and we have experience with them all.

    The approach depends entirely on the site and the market we’re operating in, but some of the methods we use for eCommerce SEO are:

    1. Digital PR
    2. Linkable Assets
    3. Guest Posts
    4. Images
    5. Resource pages
    6. Gift guides

    There are a lot more methods, but these are the main stay of our campaigns.

    We target potential customers at every stage of the buying journey, as creating content higher up the funnel actually has a lot more benefit that simply getting more eyeballs onto your products. Typically the content that is higher up the buying funnel is going to be more linkable, and we’ll be promoting these assets to not only bring more people in, but build more links which will have a positive impact on all other aspects of our SEO.

    Ecommerce websites typically have issues when it comes to content and links because they don’t have much link worthy content, especially if you’re stocking other brands products. So we can help ourselves by creating content for the full buying journey.

    A lot! But the main tools we use are G-Suite, Ahrefs, Semrush, SEOMonitor, Buzzstream, Buzzsumo, Frase, SurferSEO, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. 

    We can do, it’s not ideal as it does take longer to get results when compared to a site already somewhat established.

    Absolutely, every project we work on we run an in-depth technical analysis to make sure we’re in the best possible position to get as good results as possible. It’s something we have experience with, and the staff on hand to actually make the required changes.

    Besides we wouldn’t be much of an eCommerce SEO agency if we couldn’t help with the technical side of things would we?

    We don’t, and you should avoid any eCommerce SEO agency that does guarantee rankings. We do guarantee we do the work, and have a proven track record of getting our clients great results.

    We don’t, but we can absolutely recommend someone to help you out. We believe in stick to what we’re good at, so we don’t go beyond that. We’re not a full service digital marketing agency, we’re an SEO agency.

    We know how frustrating it is when you’re looking for a price and you’ve gone through a full page and you get no answer. The problem is, it’s impossible to give a price because SEO is not an off the shelf service, what you need entirely depends on where you are, your market and where you want to me.

    So it depends entirely on your situation. 

    However, our eCommerce SEO service retainers start at £1000 +vat a month.

    Every month you’ll get a report from us which will break down traffic, rankings and work done for the past month. A long with our plans for the month coming.

    It depends. The reality is this entirely depends on the market you’re in, and your current position in it. Newer sites in more competitive spaces will take longer than already established sites.

    The fundamentals are similar, we want good content that matches intent (typically products in this case!), and we want established sites to be linking to us. However eCom sites typically have similar problems, such as a lack of unique content, minimal external links and poor internal linking.