SD Plumbing & Heating

Generating over 100 calls per month for boiler installation.


SD Plumbing & Heating

SD Plumbing & Heating are a small plumbing company located in Edinburgh, they specialise in boiler installations, and that is exactly what they wanted from us.

To increase the amount of leads generated interested in new boilers.


Where it all started

When we took over their SEO the previous company had stripped all location specific optimisations from the site. So for example imagine you’re an Edinburgh based plumber, but are targeting national terms. It just isn’t going to work, and it didn’t. 

They also had no real reviews on their GMB listing, no links of note on the website, and very little content beyond the homepage.


Here’s what we were able to achieve in 6 months

Our biggest priority was getting the on-page right, to do that we added all the location specific content, and built out individual service pages. 

We also got SD to implement a proper follow-up system to ensure we were getting enough reviews to show up within the map pack. 

Next was tackling the serious lack of overall domain strength, to do this we had to do really targeted relevant link building. We managed to get in some of the leading plumbing and gas safe digital magazines, which has gone a long way.

Still early days we we plan on growing this site a whole lot more, but they’re already getting a lot more leads through GMB & their site. Rankings are improving and only getting better.