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Organic Traffic Grew 118% After Partnering With Arken

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Copycat Fragrances

Copycat Fragrances is an online-only person shop, they do a tonne of social media but were struggling to make any sort of profit when it came to Google, relying on branded traffic and Google Ads.


Competing With Large National Businesses

Given the nature of the perfume industry, there aren’t many ‘new players’ that make the cut, competing with the likes of Superdrug, Boots, Avon, The Perfume Shop, and other very large businesses.

Before coming with Arken Marketing, Copycat had actually hired another SEO agency to do link building, this consisted of them basically doing what we call ‘metric link building’ where they would target any website that met a certain metric.

So if you quickly glance at the link profile actually looks somewhat decent, however, it was all coming from sites with little to no traffic, and limited relevance.


Technical Audit, Content Optimisation, Link Building & SEO

Arken’s team have spent years learning all aspects of SEO, so the first thing we had to do was audit all aspects of the SEO in place currently. We always start with a technical audit which in this case uncovered a lot of 404 errors.

This was our first job to remove as many of the errors as possible, we then had to check the link profile in a bit more detail, disavowing any links that we do not want our site associated with, anything that down the road could trigger a penalty, we didn’t want this.

Copycat had a lot of content already, but none of it was optimised in a way that it would actually rank, so during our content audit we improved the non-existent internal linking a lot by sorting the actual on-page optimisation for the pages we wanted to rank.

Linkable assets are VITAL to any proper link building campaign, the idea behind linkable assets is to create something that will rank on its own, something that websites like to link to, guides, how-to’s or stats pages work great for this.

Build out content to enhance other marketing channels

Whilst working for Copycat Fragrances we looked at building out content that we could drive traffic to the website that would enhance other marketing channels, mainly their email marketing. Below is an example of one of the many assets we created and how it performed in search:


Organic search traffic more than doubled

We had a long term target of ranking for the top of the funnel keywords, such as ‘perfume’ and ‘aftershave’, we have now just over 6 months into the project cracked the first page for the largest keywords in the market, with nearly 200k monthly searches in the UK combined.

Not only are Copycat Fragrances now getting more traffic to their site than before, but the conversion rate has gone up exponentially because the quality of the traffic is a lot higher than before.