Braant Accounting

Achieved first page for ‘London accountants’


Braant Accounting

Braant is an accountancy firm based in London, they help small to medium sized businesses with their finances. They work with businesses that want to grow, and they help them by putting a plan in place to do just that.


Never able to break the first page for highly competitive terms.

Braant had been working on their SEO for quite some time, with a few different agencies and they weren’t able to to break the first page for their main term “london accountants”. This is understandable, it is a very competitive term.

Going after this they were competing with some of the largest accounting firms in the UK.

Braant had some link building done before, however the sites they were being linked from were of questionable quality. Often we’d find their links placed next to casino placements, a clear sign the sites were just built for links and nothing else.


Content Optimisation, Technical Changes & Proper Link Building.

Braant initially had multiple pages targeting their main term, which Google had a hard time understanding what page should actually rank for their main term. Which you can see below:

We deoptimised the location page, and then re-optimised the main homepage. We then built out a blog and proceeded to do an internal linking audit, as they have 0 internal linking this was a quick win.

From there we went about getting some good locally relevant links without over optimising the anchor text (an existing issue they had).


First page for ‘London accountants’.

We still have a long way to go until we’re at the very top of page 1, but we’ve made big strides already towards our long term ambitions with Braant. With us appearing in position 6 on the first page in the highly competitive term.