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    Sell more products by growing your organic traffic

    Getting to the top of Google can be massive for almost any business out there, when compared to other marketing methods SEO has the advantage of people ALREADY looking to do business with you.We focus on providing a positive ROI, unlike other SEO service agencies out there, if we don’t think we can provide a positive ROI we won’t work together, simple.

    Our Manifesto

    When choosing what service to use or product to buy, most users don’t bother to scroll past the first page of Google or Bing, so if you’re not on the first page, you’re nowhere. A better Google ranking = more customers. It’s that simple. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of optimising your website to improve its performance in search engines.

    At Arken, we work in partnership with our clients to improve all aspects of site performance, which translates into higher rankings and more customers.

    Put simply, SEO is about ensuring that when your customers are searching online, your business is seen by the highest number of people possible. A higher search engine ranking means more visitors and more customers.

    SEO connects you with customers who are searching for your business, product or service. It’s an essential investment for any business that wants to grow.

    In a competitive market, your website will have to perform exceptionally to climb the ranks. Our team at SEO-Western is here to help you accomplish precisely that. Our agents are all trained experts – and we implement only the best SEO practices.

    How We Work


    Every SEO campaign starts with an audit, that way we in agreement with you, we can best plot our course to get you where you want to be.


    Not something we shy away from here, we are ambitious but realistic. So from the outset, we look at what would make this a success for your business.

    Do The Work

    This is where we spend most of our time, obviously. We can’t get you results without actually doing the work!

    Results & Improve

    We are always tracking what works and what doesn’t, this way we are constantly improving your campaigns.

    It worked for this client

    Before Arken

    This client, in particular, was in a slow and steady decline for months and had their worst Christmas ever.

    After Arken

    In just a short 3 months they’ve had the best start to the year ever, and are now set for the best year they’ve had to date through their website.

    and these too

    Our Proven Approach To Doing SEO For Your Business

    Keyword Research

    We start from the top down, not all keywords are created equal. We find keywords that are super relevant and are likely to influence a sale. Although traffic is the ultimate goal, we want traffic that is going to benefit your business.

    We do this through proper targeting, and we can only find the targets, with keyword research.

    Technical SEO

    All our Weston Super Mare SEO campaigns begin with a technical site audit, depending on the size and structure of your site will determine the level of analysis. A local business will require less work than an eCommerce store with 300 products for example.

    We need to make sure the rest of the steps we take will work as they should, this starts with having a technically sound website.

    On-Page Optimisation

    The intent of a keyword or a page is becoming more and more important. We compare your pages to similar pages that match the intent and then create content briefs around that.

    If we compare a post roundup with a product category page we are going to be mixing with intents and giving the visitor a worse experience.

    Content Creation

    Good content is going to help every aspect of the SEO campaign, it will help us generate more links, it will help us sell more products and it will help us rank.

    We create content that engages readers and sells your products.


    The final piece of the puzzle, going through all the steps will make the links we build so much more effective.

    In the previous step we will have created content worth link to, but it doesn’t happen by itself, we promote the hell out of our linkable assets.

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    Got any questions?

    If you don’t know what SEO is, you’re probably in the wrong place. But for those of you who do not know that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is. SEO is optimising things (not always sites) for search engines, the biggest are Google, Youtube & Bing. But any search engine can be optimised, eBay & Amazon are other examples.

    As with any business endeavour, a certain degree of patience is necessary. The market today is incredibly competitive, so it can take time for your site to reach a desirable ranking.


    Aside from this, there are factors that influence the time required to reach a good ranking. These include:


    1. Your website’s age. Newer sites may require more time.
    2. The level of your domain authority. A higher domain authority translates to a greater search engine ranking.
    3. Your content’s quality. Quality determines your website’s traffic and the amount of visitor engagement.
    4. Use of keywords. Selecting the right keywords is vital for website ranking.


    Sometimes, special circumstances can have an adverse effect on your site’s ranking. For example, a website penalty or the work of an irresponsible SEO agent can slow down your site’s progress. In our experience, it’s best to not try and fix these mistakes. Instead, the better alternative is to start a new website from scratch.

    It depends. Typically we don’t take on clients with a lower budget than £500/month, however this does change depending on your market. For example a local business might cost less. The best thing is to get in touch and we can give you a better idea of the cost.

    After you get in touch (unless you’ve booked a meeting directly), we go ahead and do some initial research on your business to see where you are currently. Then we’ll get together to have a quick chat about your business and the goals you hope to achieve. From then we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

    We have a lot of methods, as any company should. These include:

    • Linkable Assets - Our personal favourite
    • Images
    • Digital PR
    • Guest Content
    • Skyscraper

    We tailor our approach depending on the market.

    No. The reason we don’t offer ‘packages’ is more often than not people will misbuy a package thinking that they need X to rank their site. When in actual fact they need X + Y or they overbuy and spend too much money. 


    We do have set fees for certain tasks, such as an audit (size dependant), but we stay away from packaging a monthly service because we tailor it to what your business needs.

    Absolutely, book a call and we can go through the steps needed to sort it.

    Monthly reporting with all the KPI’s, such as rankings, traffic, local visibility (for local campaigns) and revenue.

    Most businesses can benefit from SEO, eCommerce and local are perfect for SEO.

    A linkable asset is something that will be of use to other websites, think along the lines of calculators or just a general information piece. 


    For example, here is a great piece on Ahrefs that explains the process in more detail

    To determine what your website needs to perform better, it will have to be thoroughly analysed.


    SEO Weston can do that for you, for no price at all. Our team will conduct a full inspection of your website, and once that is over, we’ll tell you exactly what improvements need to be made.


    Strong SEO practices are essential to improve the performance of your website. After reading our assessment, you might learn that your website needs better SEO practices implemented. If so, you will need to decide if you can improve your site’s SEO on your own or not.


    If you’re familiar with SEO practices and can implement them yourself, then our B2B SEO guide may be of use to you. However, if you need professionals to step in to improve your site’s performance, then just give us a call.