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Organic traffic grew over 8X after partnering with Arken

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When TFW approached Arken they had done no SEO, they knew SEO was a big opportunity for them. They relied heavily on PPC & paid social which typically is very expensive.


A fresh site in a competitive market

We were essentially dealing with a brand new site, at least in terms of SEO. Whilst the site had been live for a little bit, it had no history in terms of links or optimised content. 

The perfume industry is very competitive, so competing with sites like Boots or Superdrug with a fresh domain wasn’t likely to happen so we needed to build our overall domain strength quick.


Extensive outreach, and content optimisation

The great thing about TFW is they have a lot of products, more products gives us more opportunities to compete in the SERPs. We just had to make sure our pages were properly optimised, with the proper titles, H1’s and product descriptions.

Beyond that, a lot of our success with this project was going to come off-page. So we put together an extensive outreach system, and created content that would naturally be linkable. We cover just about everything within the perfume & fragrance industry. Creating these assets helps us build for the long term, these assets now rank on their own and build links completely organically.


Organic traffic had grown into one of their biggest marketing channels

We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’ve made great progress so far. We’re in a great position to make sure TFW have a great Christmas season.